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“Should be compulsory viewing”

“Utterly compelling”

“Punchy and inspirational”
-    ★★★★TOTAL FILM


“Compelling scientific evidence”
-    ★★★TIME OUT

“Shot in a kinetic, lascivious style”


“For fans of cookery programmes it is likely to be love at first sight”
-    ★★★★EYE FOR FILM

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme Interview (starts 13 mins 40 secs in)

The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast (starts 23 mins 36 secs in)

The Guardian Environment Editor's blog post:



Other Reviews:

"Planeat is a beautifully filmed discussion of the impact of a high-meat diet on our environment, our climate, and our health. It would be a valuable springboard for discussion in any course on the ethics of what we eat."

Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University, Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, Author, Animal Liberation

"Planeat shows how we are damaging our own health and that of the planet through an unsustainable diet and environmentally damaging food policies in the Western world. It is a call for action by civic society, consumers, and governments to act now to help cut levels of cancer and heart disease, and reduce the carbon and water footprint of agriculture by boosting the fruit and vegetables sector. Together we can act to secure better global food security, trade justice, improved public health and greater social justice by making the changes in consumption and behaviour which this film so brilliantly advocates."

William Bain MP, UK Shadow Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister

"Planeat provides a clear and convincing argument for a plant-based diet...A diversified diet, emphasizing plants over animal products, is the most healthy. The movie makes clear that excessive dependence on foods of animal origin may lead to illness and death, while putting stress on the environment."

Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Professor of Applied Economics, Cornell University, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Copenhagen University, Author, Seeds of Contention

"This movie will make you salivate over a plant-based diet. It's full of valuable scientific information that is conveyed in a clear and insightful way. The choice of characters, pace, and variation of scenes in the film are just right. It is a 'must see' for people living in societies that consume significant amounts of animal protein. The good news is that eating more vegetables and fruits is clearly a delicious and healthy alternative."

Roz Naylor, Professor, Environmental Earth Science, Director, Program on Food Security and the Environment, Stanford University

"Planeat fills the gap that remained after Inconvenient Truth andFood, Inc.. Choosing a diet that best supports human and ecosystem health need not involve a life of deprivation. Fortunately, there are abundant, savory food choices that will optimize health and reduce our carbon footprint. This film provides the viewer with the knowledge they need to be part of the solution to the world's health-care and environmental crises."

Dr. Chris A. Hirschler, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Monmouth University

"Planeat makes a powerful case...The film will engage audiences from the general public to academic communities to high school students and is an important contributor to the food revolution underway in the US."

Dr. Robert Lawrence, Director, Center for a Livable Future, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, Health Policy and International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"PlanEat is a well-presented argument in favor of a plant-based diet for personal health and environmental benefits. Whereas films such as Food, Inc. (2009), King Corn (2007), and Fresh (2009) look at how our food is grown and processed, PlanEat questions the typical animal-based Western diet...Highly recommended for classes discussing nutrition, vegan cooking, food chain, or human impact on the environment."

Barb Bergman, Minnesota State University, Educational Media Reviews Online

"I applaud Planeat not only for its broad scope, but particularly for its very detailed review of health effects...I highly recommend it as an important educational tool for teachers at any level, for parents and families, for environmental clubs or medical organizations, and for the enlightenment of any individual who cares about health, longevity, and solutions for our ailing planet."

Dr. Sally Kneidel, Veggie Revolution

"If you go vegan, you and the Earth will feel a lot better...We leave the film rapacious to explore the bright-colored world of vegan cooking. Indeed, Planeat makes us crave vegan food without making us hate meat."

The Green Life blog, Sierra Club

"The moral, ethical, and health benefits for adopting a plant-based diet are indisputable in this persuasive and ultimately upbeat film."

The Midwest Book Review


Awards and Festivals
The Jury Selection, UK Green Film Festival Award
FICMA, Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival
London International Documentary Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
European Documentary Film Festival
Melbourne Environmental Film Festival
Slow Motion Food Film Festival, Nova Scotia
Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto Festival, Italy 
Ecocup Moscow Film Festival
Do Something Reel Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Oneonta Film Festival
Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival


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