• Watch PLANEAT online (iPhone and iPad too)!

    We are really excited to announce that you can watch PLANEAT right here, streaming from your computer.  It'll take a few seconds to do, and you can pay using your accounts on amazon, paypal or credit card.

    The film was made completely independently, we had no big studio behind us, it was entirely funded by the blood, sweat and tears of us, the filmmakers, so we hope you will support us in our efforts to help change the world.

    After you've watched the film, please take a couple minutes to help us to build our reviews and let other people know what you thought of the film by giving us a quick review here.

    To organise your own screening of the film click here.

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  • How has PLANEAT been received?

    We have spent three years of our lives making this film, and have completely self-funded it ourselves.  From April - June 2011, it was released in cinemas in 90 cities across the States and 5 cities across the UK.  The film was was thought to be so important, that it was even been shown in London's Parliament by the Shadow Minister for the Environment to galvanise support over changes in food policy.  We know that people like the film when they watch it, and that it's inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives.  It's also been critically acclaimed, here's what the press are saying: “Should be compulsory viewing” (THE HERALD), “Utterly compelling” (EMPIRE), “Punchy and inspirational” (★★★★TOTAL FILM), “For fans of cookery programmes it is likely to be love at first sight” (★★★★EYE FOR FILM), “Compelling scientific evidence” (★★★TIME OUT).

    But what we're missing now is the money to market the film, and get it out to as many people as possible, that's why we need your help.  Please join us in our efforts to get the film shown all over the world, by hosting your own screening of the film.  Screenings have been arranged so far by foodies, eco-warriors, and doctors in places as far flung as ireland, South Africa, Japan and Germany.  To find out more details please go to

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  • PLANEAT showing in London, Leeds, Leicester, Cardiff and Glasgow 20th/21st May!

    After hundreds of people turned up to our screening at the Barbican, and we got onto the government agenda with a screening hosted by the Shadow Minister of the Environmnet in Parliament, we are now happy to announce you can watch the film in 5 cities this weekend, as part of the UK's first Green Film Festival.  We will be present to conduct Q&As after the screenings, so hope to see you there.

    Friday May 20th, Shortwave, Bermondsey Square, 8:00pm London (UK Green Film Festival)

    • Friday May 20th, Shortwave, Bermondsey Square, 8:00pm London (UK Green Film Festival) -  reserve tickets here on 0207 357 6845
    • Friday May 20th Phoenix Square, Leicester, 8:15pm (UK Green Film Festival) -  reserve tickets here
    • Saturday May 21st Chapter Arts Centre, 6:15pm Cardiff,  (UK Green Film Festival) -  reserve tickets here
    • Saturday May 21st Glasgow Film Theatre, 8:15pm Glasgow (UK Green Film Festival) -  reserve tickets here
    • Saturday May 21st, Hyde Park Picture House, 8:30pm Leeds (UK Green Film Festival) -  reserve tickets here

    If the links don't work -  please go to our website

  • Get your ticket for London screening May 15th!

    As PLANEAT continues to tour around 70 cities in the US, we are very pleased to announce we will be releasing the film in the UK!  The first showing will be on May 15th 6pm at the Barbican, as part of the opening weekend of the London International Documentary Film Festival.  Tickets can be purchased through the following link, and please reserve now as space is limited:

    Following this screening, the film will have the UK theatrical release in 5 cities as part of the UK Green Film Festival.  This will be on Friday May 20th in London and Leicester, and on Saturday May 21st in Leeds, Cardiff and Glasgow.  Tickets will be available soon from our website.

    We hope to see you at one of our screenings in the UK, we will be making good use of the trains to get from one screening to another for Q&As afterwards!

  • PLANEAT showing in 70 cities in a cinema near you!

    We are very pleased to announce that starting April 1st, PLANEAT will be shown in 70 cities across the US to celebrate Earth Month.  These showings are being put on by Whole Foods 'Do Something Reel' Film Festival, along with 5 other great documentary films.  If you can't make our screenings, we are allowing people to organise your own screening of the film, so check it out and please help us to spread the word.  Hope you enjoy the film!


    PLANEAT is finally making its way Stateside! And for those of you in Washington DC or nearby, you are invited to the US Premiere of PLANEAT. The film will be screened as part of the official selection of the Washington Environmental Film Festival at the prestigious Carnegie Institution for Science on March 24th. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Colin Campbell, best-selling author of 'The China Study', environmental scientist Gidon Eshel, world-famous Chef Chad Sarno, and filmmaker Shelley Lee Davies. The event is free for all, so please come and support, and help us to spread the word to your friends too. More info on the event can be found at: Date: March 24th 2011 Time: 7:30pm Venue: Carnegie Institution for Science After our Washington premiere, the film will be shown in cinemas in over 40 cities across the US supported by Whole Foods Market. So for those of you who can't make the Washington screening, you'll get a chance to see it soon. More details to come. For those of you in the UK, the next screening of PLANEAT will be on May 15th at the Barbican in London. More details on this soon.
  • PLANEAT Screening with gourmet canapes this SUNDAY night

    Our next preview screening of PLANEAT will be held this Sunday, February 6th at Whole Foods Kensington Store in London.  Following the screening, gourmet plant-based canapés and drinks will be served by the award-winning Saf restaurant, and directors Shelley Lee Davies and Or Shlomi will be doing a Q&A.  Tickets cost £10 and there is limited availability, so please book now.  For more details on the event, please click here.

    For those of you in the US, the first preview screening is set for March 24th in Washington DC.  More details to follow soon.

    Thank you all for your support and interest! Please help us to keep spreading the word.  For daily updates, interesting links and fun recipes, please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter.

  • PLANEAT chosen to represent UK at the European Documentary Film Festival

    PLANEAT has been chosen to represent the UK at the European Documentary Film Festival. The screening will take place on 10th November, 8:30pm at Cine Lumiere, 17 Queensberry Place, London UK. This will be the first chance to watch the film and the screening is open to the public. To reserve tickets go to or call 0207 073 1350.